« Durga Mantra » Ep 3 tracks : FootPrint System – Prayanam – Obeah

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« DURGA MANTRA » Ep 3 tracks :
FootPrint System x Prayanam x Obeah

Teaser of the forthcoming tryptical tribute to the beautiful works of Navadurgas. (Mahishasura Marddini – Kuldeep M Pai )

Forthcoming release  > ODG PROD – 26th JANUARY 2017.
It is a tryptical tribute to a very beautiful mantra dedicated to the nine forms of Maha Durga (Mother Goddess in Shaktism).

We have decided to create 3 original dubs & reworks as a tribute to the influence of Carnatic and Hindustani vibes on contemporary music, and particularly in the world of fusion & dub.

*** New E.P ***
(3 reworks in free mp3 download on odgprod.com)
Featuring :
FootPrint System / Prayanam / Obeah


Original theme : Mahishasura Marddini – produced by Kuldeep M Pai .
Durga mantra chanted by Sooryagayathri, Abirami, Charukesi, Eesha, Shreeya,Sindhuja, Shiva Sankeerthana, Sri Sammohana, Mrinalini.)

Video : Kuldeep M PaiMahishasura Marddini sthothram / Raphaël TrezaCobra Gypsies, ( filmed in Rajasthan)
Teaser : FootPrint System

>>> All rights reserved , these tracks have been created for educational purposes, it is a non-commercial release, none of them can be sold, duplicated, pressed, distributed or broadcasted without exclusive authorization of the artists credited above.

Love & Light to one and all !


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